Cheese grater cost management.

Ned’s new term of the day: Cheese grater cost management.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to build great culture at Argomi, and as part of that I was thinking about where I’ve seen team morale suffer in the past. I’ve decided that in difficult times, big companies suffer from cheese grater cost management.

Imagine you have a big block of delicious cheese. Whether it’s Wensleydale or Crumbly Lancashire is totally up to you, I’m not judging. Now imagine that one corner of the cheese has gone mouldy. Oh no!

A smart person would cut off that corner, and enjoy the creamy goodness that remained. But a misguided soul might run a cheese grater across the whole block, hoping that by shaving off a small amount from everywhere, the mould will be gone.

Surprise surprise, that fiendish fungus remains. So the grater is dragged across once more. And again. And again. Until nothing is left.

And that, my friends, is cheese grater cost management.

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